Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Getting Married and Starting a New Blog Site

Because a requisite to getting married these days is to start a family blog, I'm leaving this blog to start another one with my wife:

Check it out! I'd love to stay in touch.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Its Time!! My Annual Blog Update

Most of my family was in town last weekend for my aunt Lori's wedding, which was terrific by the way, and a few of my family members asked me to update my blog. Its been nearly a year since my last post! I love the idea of blogs and I love looking at family and friends' blogs to keep up with them. I just struggle to find the time to put my life into this blog when I'm juggling a journal, a spiritual journal, Facebook, and Orkut (a facebook in Brazil that puts me in contact with old companions). I also have a hard time deciding on what to post here, because as I go in and out of relationships I'm not sure if I should go back and delete pictures of people I'm no longer dating or what. Anyways, I enjoy taking pictures of my experiences and sharing them so read away! Hopefully, I can make blogging more of a habit.

As a Congrats to myself for getting accepted to BYU again I bought myself a handgun. Its a Steyr M9-A1 9mm and I love it. I took Cbug shooting on Memorial Day (fitting, right?) and here are some shots:

That is Trent and that is NOT a paintball gun.

"OK, I'm flexing! Go ahead and shoot"

Recently I went with my dad to do some flyfishing. We didnt catch any big ones but we did catch a couple. Here's Pa:

For Thanksgiving, the Heymfam got together. Baby Grunty is still in Jen's stomach.

A few months ago I went horseback riding in Tucson at sunset. I'm a true cowboy at heart. Giddyup!

Bug and I are back. We laugh because this is summer number 4. Take a quick tour into our past:





Yes, the drama continues......

Another thing that has been reoccuring through my life is CURBOCYCLES! Come one, come all! I've got a bike for everyone!

I actually stopped a few months ago because I wanted a more permanent job and the downturn in the economy has negatively effected sales. Fewer people are buying quads and toys and more people are selling theirs off.

You can't talk about the economy without talking about GAS PRICES! I heard they'll be at $8 a gallon by August! Ok, I just made that up. Here's what I drive when its under 105 outside. At 50 mpg, you'd have to rollerblade to beat my gas mileage! Its a Supermoto, or a street legal dirtbike with street tires instead of knobby dirt tires.

A lot of people have misconceptions about AZ that its just all desert. Truth is only a portion is the dry cactus stuff. Check out this gem I snapped in Payson, AZ. You can see the forest and mountains in the back.

Anyone who knows me knows I love riding quads, motorcycles, and off roading in general. Ryan and his girlfriend Savannah (who are finally tying the knot in 3 weeks after 3 years of dating!) came down from Las Vegas to ride quads. Taylor came with, we had a blast! We found a trail that led us to Saguaro Lake. We jumped in, which if you've ever swam in a big lake at night you know how scary it is.

Here's trying to get my quad into my 2wd truck got stuck and Rybo had to pull me out with his Tacoma. See the rope?

Last year I also made a work trip to Vegas where Ry and Sav ate dinner with me at the Outback.

Although I'm a total ARIZONA boy, last year was my first time visiting the magnificent Lake Powell. It was SOOOOOO much fun! No wonder the Grand Canyon is one of the 7 wonders of the world. I went twice, once for Memorial Day and also for Labor Day. Check it out:

For Memorial Day, we camped on the beach. I made sure I brought a couple toys to enjoy. I realized a dream of mine by riding a sportbike through the curves and canyons at the Grand Canyon. My friend Kate came with.

Labor Day we rented a house boat.....SOOOOO FUN! My favorite thing since having 2 knee surgeries is wake surfing. Its one of those activities that takes me away to a place of my own.

Check out this pic from when I duned it up earlier this year. Its actually of Mexico from the California border.

Some of you might recall 2 years ago when I got to put on a tailored Diamondbacks uniform and play 7 innings of baseball on the Dbacks home field with some of the coaches and players. I never thought I could top that..........until.......I met Steve Nash!!!!!!



....talked strategies with Coach D'Antoni

...and spoke in Portuguese to Brazilian Leandro Barbosa!

The night was amazing. My dad does a lot with Suns Charities and allowed me to bring a date, Emilie, and two friends Kyle and Kate McEuen. The famous painter Dan Dunn (youtube him) painted this pic of Shaq in 10 minutes while dancing around.

Kyle and Kate

THANKS Mom and Dad! It was one of the most memorable days of my life! Meeting Steve Nash was incredible....I didnt know what to say to him! What do you say to Steve Nash? Its STEVE NASH!

Back to family. I made a trip to Provo last November in time to watch a BYU football game with Bubby. I went to a bday dinner for her with pregnant Jen.

Dressing up as a Dback and hanging out with the Phoenix Suns is certainly nice, but being an uncle is the BEST! Baby Grunty and CupKate, tell 'em who you love!!!

UNCLE CUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ok FINE! I'll Update My Blog So You Stop Harrassing Me.

Geez, its been a while since my last post (2 years???). Here are some random pics to get you somewhat informed with me....

P.S., Future Entries: "Ask Me How it Feels to Be....... An UNCLE!", "What Do LDS Singles Do For Spring Break Besides Read Their Scriptures?"

SOooo, this is what my knee looked like after my 2nd knee surgery. I didnt like the way i looked in a bathing suit so i had the dr. do some things....

So right after surgery mom came to visit and i was itching like a dirty dog with fleas. The medicine had some itching effect on me and Mom treated me to a terrific scratcharoo. Thanks MOM!

This is embarrassing but the story behind this is I wanted to recreate a picture taken from the first time I had surgery (the original pic is in this blog somewhere). Unfortunately, we did a horrible job even though Taylor was a good sport about it.

The first picture goes out to all those who supported me while i was crippled and in bed. Particularly my mother Diane and my lil bro Chief Wampum. If your name belongs here too, let me know. I dont want to leave you out on a dedicatory picture as special as this one.

The tongue picture goes to Robert Horry, the Spurs, Bruce Bowen, that stupid, betting ref, and especially Robert Horry.

Here's me and John Malfatto during one of my many trips to visit his bachelor pad on the San Diego beach. Lookin' tough, John.

Oh snap. This had to be one of the funniest things i've ever done. Long story short, Cory, Brad and I would stand outside the Wahoo's in Huntington Beach and look up at a tree and yell "Come down from there!" over and over and everyone would look up in the tree and ask what was going on. Answers varied from "my pet turtle is stuck up there" to "someone's going to jump, we think he's suicidal." If you click on the pic, you can count over 8 rubberneckers. IceSkatieKatie was in on the act.

At the opening of the Newport Beach temple with Brad and Chory during the same '05 trip to CA.

Inside joke, but if ur not laughing, something is wrong.

Cory smiling at a hottie. Brad caught in the headlights. Best roomies ever.

Another good '05 memory: Jon Passey riding my standup jetski pulling me on a surfboard at Bartlett Lake. Its so beautiful there in the morning.

Me and Rybo at FatBurger, July '07 when Cbug and I went to pick up my new truck in Vegas.

Here's me and Cbug on our flight to Vegas. I couldnt hold back my excitement.

Bug couldnt' hold back her brattiness.

Ok, if we're going to talk about Cbug, then I get to post at least a few of our best pics. Summer of '06 (one of the 3 summers we dated, haha) on the way back from visiting John in San Diego. Love the sunset.

BUG!!! Listen to me when i'm talkin to you!

Going to ride was a bi-weekly thing for me and Bug. We even fit my LTZ400 and DRZ4o0 in my truck and rode down at the track together!

Dbackin' it.

Takin inventory in the CurboCycles garage.

Cory and I got sick of the usual Mesa "rent out a YMCA, hire a dj to play burnt out music, and charge at the door" parties, so we threw a 2007 Spring Break SmoothieFest where we offered free smoothies to everybody. It was super chill and all the hottest and coolest were there.

Here's a photo I snapped of Steve and Dirk at the SmoothieFest. Dirk, did you put something in your's and Steve's smoothie? EUROPEANS....

Sometimes I trick super quality girls like Emilie into visiting me in AZ.

While she was in town, we went to the lake with the Kemptons. Here's a photo i took while Chandler and Trent were being all Kemptonish, trying to help out with getting the trailer hitched. One of my fav. pics.

What would this blog be without a good pic of the Kemptons? Pre-Ashley days.

On another SoCal trip this summer, I took Kaitlyn to the OC Fair. Among other things, we watched Lucha Libre know, the Mexican wrestling where they dress up funny like Nacho Libre? It was sooooo romantic that we decided we had to take a few photos at a booth to remember the night. More pics to come later. Look for Kaitlegs and her bro Brandon on American Idol this season if you watch that show...

Win 'em with the smile

Get Ugly

Take no prisoners

Random time.

MY SISTERS!!!!!!!!!! They look "ssssoooooOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!" (in teenage girl squad voice).

One of my all time fav. pics. Taylor had some weird circular red scab inbetween his eyebrows, so i started calling him "Hindu Woman", cuz don't they wear those red dots on purpose? Anyways, it served up a week full of laughter and endless teasing. This pic captures some of the hilarity.

Halloween got old for me when i was 13. But being single, you force yourself to go out and make the best of it even though you'd rather be taking your kids door-to-door. Hey, at least i make a heck of a cowboy.....YoSammitySam cowboy.

My heart races when i see this picture. I got to spend an afternoon playing a 7 inning baseball game with my Dad at Chase Field where the Dbacks play. One of the most exciting days of my life, even though I had torn my ACL in my left knee only a few days before. We got tailored uniforms with our names and fav. numbers on to play with the coaches and players....and even get called up to bat by the announcer and have our names on the big screen!!!! This happened a year ago but it was only 3 months ago that I stopped having dreams that the Dbacks had signed me after watching me play. No SERIOUSLY!

During batting practice I hit 2 foul that would've been homers and one that double bounced to the fence! Pretty good for having a torn ACL.

When i'm not playing for the Dbacks (or pretending to), I'm usually in the stands punking out 'roidheads like Barry Bonds. Its unfortunate the picture was taken a second too late, cuz initially Bonds was looking into the camera.

I've given up snowboarding, skateboarding, and wakeboarding but i still cling to surfing and wakesurfing. Night time is when its best if you ask me.

Haha, if you click on the pic and get a close up of Robert Kempton's face, you'll want to start singing the theme song to Dukes of Hazard "Just the good ol boys....never doin' no harm...". This is us wakeboarding in mud where the 202 freeway was being built after a serious rainstorm. There's actually a rope tied to the ATV so we'd take turns pulling each other down the mud/water strip.(Spring of '06)

Here's an awesome pic in Irvine,CA when Ryan and I went on a "twinners" date with Nikki and Jenny. This is during the summer when Ryan and I sold pest control together (2002). Initially, Ryan was too cool to do a twinners' date, but we obviously convinced him otherwise.